It’s a bird, it’s a plane…nope, it’s just prepster Lena.
Move over tie-around-waist tops, enter the drape-over-shoulders tops. A warmer, fresher approach to layering. However according to the Urban Dictionary, wearing my sweater this way makes me a “sweater douche”.  Lol  Since when did they become the fashion police?
Wear the sweater just draped over your shoulders with the sleeves hanging lose, drape over shoulders and tie the sleeves together, fold in the cuffs of sleeves together (like socks), roll up the sleeves , etc.
I think it’s incredibly cool and more people, men and women, should be donning sweater capes. Pop your collar if you dare.

sweater: Joe Fresh (old) - find similar here
shirt: c/o Ardene (old) - find similar here
pants: c/o Persunmall
sandals: c/o Ardene (old) - find similar here
bag: c/o Ardene

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my little princess


Over the weekend, we celebrated Amelia's birthday who turned 2 on July 15th. little angel is 2!
She's tiny but fierce. I feel sorry for anyone who gets in her way. She talks up a storm. She loves music and dancing. She loves to be tickled. She's got enough energy for our entire household. She loves gymnastics and jumping on the trampoline. She watches and admires everything that her older brother does. She's daddy's little girl. She eats meat like nobody's business. She loves her blanket. She enjoys playing with dolls as much as she likes playing with toy cars. She has a best friend at daycare who's name is Victoria. She has eyelashes that every woman would kill for. She has an infectious smile. She's my little princess. She's Amelia :)
We rented an inflatable bouncy house for the day from Inflatable Montreal. The kids had the time of their lives playing in it. We threw some balloons in there...they were in heaven. Boy did they sleep well that night :) I'm sincerely considering buying a permanent one for our backyard.

And yes...even the adults enjoyed the bouncy house. Screw the weight limit, no way in hell we were gonna pass up bouncing and sliding down that

Why is it do difficult to get a decent picture of our family?

Thank you to Patisserie St-Martin for this amazing Barbie cake. For a cake that I requested last minute, boy did they deliver. Beautiful and delicious! Amelia got to keep the Barbie :)
I also found this great tutorial on making it yourself, in case you're feeling daring.

Could my nephew be any cuter :)

 Thanks to everyone who came and for the wonderful gifts :)


off the shoulder


The body part to be baring at the moment...shoulders! We've seen our fair share of boobs and butts in my opinion and we need to give our shoulders some exposure. There's nothing sexier than showing off your collarbone. This trend allows you to show some skin while still being able to keep a little mystery.
Just a tip, which I had to learn the hard way, these tops are not very practical when having to lift your arms to take something off the top shelf :/
What's the body part you like showing off the most?

top: c/o PersunMall
pants: H&M
sandals: Aldo (old) - find similar here




How to stay relevant, season after season, without constantly updating your wardrobe?
Just stick to key pieces that you can style any which way you want and can create a multitude of different outfits without repeating. For example, the classic white shirt and shortalls that I'm wearing. I have had these items in my closet for a lengthy amount of time but have never worn them together like this.
It's all about finding different ways to make the old, new again. We unfortunately don't all have the luxury to buy into all the trends and/or updating the old season after season.

shirt: Urban Planet (old) - find similar here
shortalls: Zara (old) - find similar here
shoes: New Balance

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