free love, man!


Ok, you know how 70's fashion is the biggest craze right now and will be this Spring/Summer...Well just so happens that this decade is my ultimate favourite as I've expressed billions of times on here. I love the music, the clothes, the acid, the people born then (I'm a seventies baby, baby). The accessories are also amaze balls. What's not to love! Everything was so organic and big and tailored and we didn't have to wear bras (uh, where is this 70's place and when do we move there?).
I don't know about you guys, but I shoulda had you at "no bras/razors necessary". If you didn't get to experience the 70's enough to remember them (let's be honest; if you did experience the 70's properly, you probably don't remember any of it heeyyyyoooo) then you have probably seen all the cool movies that were inspired by that decade.
I've put together some outfits from my favourite 70's movies of ALL TIME just to show you that free love doesn't die man, we can still hug trees and do it on a Persian rug in a park somewhere in upstate New York wear these fashions today!
Check out these awesome looks that will have you running for bell bottoms and platforms like right away. Man.
And because I'm cool like that, I've also made a quick playlist featuring my favourite song from each movie soundtrack. Can you dig it!
coat: Ravn
pants: Dolls Kill
top: H&M

coat: Choies
jumpsuit: Juicy Couture
nail polish:  Nars

jeans: Michael Kors
cardigan: Mango
top: Lucluc
shoes: Michael Kors
belt: Mango

top: Mango
shorts: Topshop
boots: Zara
necklace: Wet Seal
skateboard: Globe Bantam Cruiser

jumpsuit: Boohoo
sunnies: Linda Farrow
earrings: John Lewis
bag: Chanel
shoes: Ikrush

jeans: Rag & Bone
t-shirt: River Island
cuff: Valentino
shoes: Nike
sunnies: Vince Camuto
guitar: Ibanez


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on my high horse


 OMG guys call the local news station; I'm wearing heels. For the first time in like, forever.
Not that I didn't have a good reason or anything. Try living in Montreal from November to March. You need Inuit-made moccasin trekking boots from old Hudson Bay whale blubber all day err day. Ok, I may be exaggerating. But come on, who doesn't love inserting the word "blubber" in an everyday convo.
So I broke the whole cycle and inserted some amazeballs camo green suede high heel booties into my look. They're normally comfy but as I've been on heel hiatus for the past million months, I may or may not die of agony mid-day begging to get an automated wheelchair to race around the office.
To go with these amazing runway spikes, I've got on a pair of trusty shiny black leggings from American Apparel because those things are like Twinkies: they never die. And, to stay warm because it's like only -30 degrees today (blue skies, the birds are dead) I've snuggled into a large knit hooded long sweater to compensate for the lack of comfort to my toesies.
....2 hours later...RIP my feet. Nice knowing you, toes! But, success! I'm getting that effin wheelchair. named her Betsy. It's the beginning of a love story.

sweater: H&M (old) - find similar here
leggings: American Apparel
shoes: Aldo


you know i'm all about that funk


Yo, yo Marky Mark in da house, check out my funky New Balance sneaks, cause it's all about the funk on your feet when your outfit is not on fleek.
I should totally start a boy band and then quit to become a famous actor. When that doesn't work, marry jenny McCarthy (wait, no, that's Donnie Wahlberg). Aw shiiiieeettt.
Back to me wearing a grey maxi cardi, black leggings (surprise surprise) and a basic white tee. Got my hair up in a baby bun, because it's Friday and thank little baby Jesus in his little crib.
The week's been a long one and I totally deserve this. Plus, someone cut me off this morning in the most ungodly traffic I've ever seen in civilized Canada and I almost got out of my car and punched her right in the ovaries thinking to myself, "oh, this outfit is so comfy, my range of motion is balls to the wall I can punch so fast" but then I didn't because I may or may not be chicken shit who knows.
Casual Friday is another way of saying "hey guys, wear what you wear the rest of the week but more homeless looking" so here it is.
And that's when I get to say, "We in dis bitch, finna get crunk, eyebrows on fleek, da fuq, da fuq" and shimmy away whilst moonwalking. Those are actual Ariana Grande lyrics, I'm not even joking.

cardigan: c/o Oasap
top: J Crew
leggings: Primark - find similar here
shoes: New Balance (old) - find similar here

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